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On the crest of a brand new CD release, Steve Mann, Alive and Pickin', this phenomenal folk and blues guitarist has resurfaced in Berkeley, California, where he is slowly regaining his reputation in the local music scene. Musicians from all over the world have been contacting him, first from the Stefan Wirz web site, where Bella Roma posted his email address, and now many emails and sales ordes are pouring in as he appears on search engines with his very own website and store page.

At present Steve is trading licks with locals at the French Hotel Cafe in Berkeley, and welcomes the visits of players from near and far in the U.S. We are all eagerly watching and listening as he regains his performing status and steps back into the limelight.

Below, now in order of most recent first, are listed his gigs, followed in some cases by comments after they have taken place.


COMING SOON:. JANUARY 14, 2006 at Spuds Pizzeria, Alcatraz and Adeline in Berkeley

Steve Mann and Friends

7:00 PM $8.00 at the door. Come early and get pizza, salads, sandwiches, soup, coffee. A seat at a table.

Special guest Rolly Brown ( will MC this show, flying out for a week of playing music and hanging out with Steve beforehand. Other (local) participants will be announced soon.

We need a Steve Mann Ranch in Berkeley about now. With a hot tub and lots of girls who dance and cook food and sit at your table in the cafe, says Steve. And who know how to change guitar strings.

Just thought we'd toss that out there.



Without naming names, a wonderful journalist musician came over to interview Steve for a Very Special Article in a Very Special Newspaper. we don't want to jinx it, since these things get bumped around with no notice, but as soon as it's out it will be on the REQUIRED READING LIST.

Look for Steve's new CD now at Amoeba Records in Berkeley (tell Rasputins to get on the ball and order some more), Down Home Records, on CD Baby, and one other web site distributor, deal still in process.

Coming soon: coffee mugs also with the Mann Made Music logo. Notice anything special about that hand?



CD sales are picking up for Steve:T-shirts with the Mann Made Music logo have arrived! The last Saturday in November when Mark Silber and Joe McDonald, (who sang a great new song using Steve's guitar plugged into his little Fender Amp Can) and touring bluesman Andy Cohen were all down at the cafe, Steve sold seven CD's and two T-shirts, and sales are livlier online as well. He now gets free whipped cream on his coffee from the owner of the French Hotel cafe. Life is hard.
11-17-05 Announcing:


CONTACT: Howard Wuelfing / Howlin Wuelf Media
(215) 428-9119

New York Label Celebrates Its Debut CD
Imaginational Anthem
November 17 At The Starry Plough In Berkeley, CA
Sean Smith, Gyan Riley, Steve Mann & Janet Smith —
On Stage And On The Acclaimed Acoustic Guitar Anthology

NEW YORK—The New York-based independent label Tompkins Square will hit the West Coast on Thursday, November 17th to celebrate its debut CD, the “groundbreaking” (MOJO) acoustic guitar anthology, Imaginational Anthem.

For one night only, beginning at 9:00pm, Tompkins Square will present a very special evening at The Starry Plough, 3101 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley CA (phone 510/841-2082) with live sets by Imaginational Anthem artists Sean Smith, Gyan Riley, Steve Mann, and Janet Smith.

11-09-05 'review' of


With Steve Mann, Will Scarlett, Dale Miller and others joining in, a great evening was hostessed by songstress/guitarest Jean White at Berkeley's newest local venue on the corner of Alcatraz and Adeline Streets. Last-minute sound set-up by Bella Roma Music (using Jean's own equipment) with Will Scarlett himself at the board, soloing direct on track four as needed. Snapshots still to come in from the audience. (We're still waiting to see how Will plugs his electric harmonica(?) into the mixer...)

Jean has a lovely mellow voice and knows tons of good tunes, including blues, so when Steve was up there backing her up, the combination was great. He is a great accompanist/arranger, as we've heard on the Joplin tracks on his CD "Steve Mann: Alive and Pickin'."

Front row seats at the show began to scoot forward as more and more people were announced from the tiny stage. What looked like a bass dumbek drum added wonderful depth for a few tunes, Dale had his resonater guitar in an open tuning, playing electric, and took some solos. The songs were nicely presented, and Jean has a great stage presence, choosing a good variety of material.

Double ending with the bluegrass gospel song "Angel Band" followed by "Good-Night Irene," a whole bunch of mellowed out folk music survivers from the 60's sang their hearts out, Steve included. And we managed to get out of there in time for the crew to clean up our pizza platters.

Rumor has it Melissa wants another show with Steve Mann and Friends at Spuds. Stay tuned for details. This could be a good thing.


One of the first public performances for Steve last year IN 2004 was in the nice acoustic space of the Quaker meeting Hall on Walnut St at Vine. it was a first of this kind for production Miriam Berg, and this year it will happen again. Steve will be up there doing a few tunes with Janet and some solo, and since Will Scarlett is also in the show, they will most likely be wailing some blues numbers together as well. Several other local folks will also get up to play, Hootenanny style, starting at 7:00 PM (so we don't run too late).

HEY IT WENT JUST GREAT--THE FRIENDS SURE CAN BAKE UP A SERIOUS BUNCH OF GOODIES AS WELL!! Sold a bunch, played up a storm, and a good time was had by all!


with Special Guest Will Scarlett
At Epic Arts Studios
1923 Ashby Ave near Martin Luther King
Berkeley, California
Doors open 8:00 PM -- Show starts 8:30 PM
Tickets available online at
$10.00 plus service charge

This is going to be a wonderful show. Frank has been trying to get out here since last summer, just to sit with Steve and play music. Finally it's going to happen and we can hardly wait. we booked them a spot at Epic Arts studios to do their jamming, and let's see what happens.. Possible pot luck party at Bella Roma Music the day after. We'll see how the heros survive, and if we need to do something on well.

 re The Epic Arts gig:

It was a blast! The space at Epic Arts was filled up and jumpin'. The sound was good, especially with Frank Fotusky to help set it up using their mixer, our mike stands and amp, and Steve's just-acquired Shenandoah Martin guitar with the built in pick-up . Finally we had some good voice microphones on the singers and could hear the great guitar work of both Steve and Frank. Fotusky.

Will Scarlett contributed his bluesy harmonica at the end of the second set, and the audience helped snap some photos with our single-use camera, passed along in the front row for lack of space between audience and performers. Both Frank and Steve sold lots of CD's, signed them and listened to glowing remarks from audience members who had travelled some distances to come hear them play.

Andrea Fregola, writer for Il Buscadero magazine in Italy, actually bought fourteen of Steve's CD's and had to have them signed and addressed to fourteen different people, including Paolo Caru, publisher of Il Buscadero.

Thanks to all who showed up, listened so attentively, clapped so hard, and made a point of saying hello to Steve during the intermission at the show.

Tired but happy, the next day we held a pot luck barbecue at Bella Roma and just kept on going. We even got (Boogie) Bruce Engelhardt back to the train station in time to hear him do one more rendition of "Milk Cow Blues" before the train arrived for Santa Cruz. Getting to be a must-hear by bnow. (See comments page from Bruce about his partying days with Steve in los Angeles).


Corner of Alcatraz and Adeline, Berkeley 7:00PM Get a pizza and eat it during the show...

If Paul Geremia can call Steve Mann up on stage for a few numbers at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley (surprise! June 8th, 2005) why can’t Don Villa do the same thing at his gig at the Berkeley Pizzeria Spuds on Saturday, July 2?
In fact, that's just what he did.

If Will Scarlett is back in town he might be persuaded to stand in with harmonica for a number or two, and if the pizza is really as good as rumored, we might even all sit down and have another slice while Don plays for us himself, on his massive twelve string.
tickets about $7.00 donation

(Don's photo is in the photosection on this site at the French Hotel scene)

6-08-05 PAUL GEREMIA at the Freight and Salvage in Berkeley invites Steve up to do a few tunes.

These things sometimes happen, but they work a lot better when there is a little planning involved. In fact, Paul called Bella Roma Music in May after he'd heard from Frank Fotusky on the east coast that Steve Mann was in Berkeley. He spoke to Steve, said he'd love to have Steve join him for a few tunes on stage in June at the freight and Salvage. He sent out a CD or two ahead of time, (LOVE, MURDER AND MOSQUITOS" and "PAUL GEREMIA-SELF PORTRAIT IN BLUES", both on Red House Records), and when Paul showed up, Steve was ready. They played up a storm on stage, but neither of them knew that Paul would suddenly propose a DUET of "Holly," Steve's signature tune, which Paul had recorded many years ago. What a finale!

We were flabbergasted. If Janet's camera hadn't chose that moment to run out of film, we'd have the snapshot to prove it, but oh, well.... for now, try Pagano and Saslow's duet of "Holly" on"PS1"available on www.acoustictruthmusic., as well as a solo rendition on "STEVE MANN; ALIVE AND PICKIN' "on our own store page.


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