July 2005 Photos

A great musician and a free soul, Riz e-mailed Steve a hello, sent us to his web site, and we invited him to stop by on his way through Berkeley on a serial gig trip down the west coast. They had a grand old time jamming, and we found out Riz also plays as ton of o ther instruments as well, plays jazz, blues, whatever is needed. Send us your web site URL, Riz, so we can put it up here!


A last minute invitation from Don Villa to play a couple of tunes during his gig at Spuds --Will Scarlett rounded up a guitar with a pickup in it for Steve, and they played some great blues together.

STEVE MANN AND FRANK FOTUSKYIn the second week of July Frank arranged to come out to the west coast from New Jersey to play music with Steve Mann. We had taken the opportuninity to to book a gig at Epic Arts Studio, with the help of Frank who located their web site. Frank spent several days with Steve and we recorded a few tracks of them rehearsing. This was a great fun time for all concerned, and a definite hightlight in steve's life.

The audience had friends of Steves; Buce Engelhardt, Bill Bernds, Don Villa, Will Scarlett, (who also played in the show), plus many folks we had never met before. It turned out that Frank had a mailing list that pulled in his own people on the west coast and the mention of Steve was even more incentive. We had never seen a more attentive audience, many of whom had thought they would never see Steve Mann perform live.

Steve sat to one side of the audience and listened to Frankopen with a great first set.

We had purchased Steve a guitar with a pick-up in it from Thin Man strings in Alameda. It wasn't hard making the decision as to what guitar to buy for Steve. We went in, he tried a few guitars, we went back again when Frank came in town and tried some more. On the second shopping trip, Frank wanted him to try a beautiful Seagull made in Canada. Steve played this a little, then handed it back, picked up a Martin Shenandoah with a pickup built in, sat down on an amplifier and just kept playing it. He listened politely as Frank played the Seagull to show him how it sounded, but as soon as Frank stopped, Steve went back to playing the Martin. In the end, we couldn't get the Martin out of his hands, so we had to buy it so we could go home, carrying the empty case and some extra strings. We already had an amp at home.

Here is an attempt to show the two without the mikes, stands and chords that get in the way of so many performance photos.

Many thanks to Frank at Fotusky,com for his visit and his support of Steve in July of 2005, and to all who came to this performance, the first where Steve's new CD. "Alive and Pickin" was sold. Frank has some great CD's available as well, Both sell their music on CD Baby also.