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Everything you wanted to know about how to play Steve Mann's signature piece "HOLLY"

Where can I get a recording of "Holly"?

You may buy "Steve Mann: Alive and Pickin" with nineteen songs including "Holly" in the Store, with all the notes, graphics, and the CD platter image of Steve playing chess and thinking about music. Or you can click on the CD Baby link below and download the music files only at

Steve Mann; Alive and Pickin'

Is there tab or music for "Holly"?

YES--now there are six whole pages of tab/music with chord grids. The picking part (Part A) is written out twice with little variations, and the higher part (Part B) shows all the Latin rhythms. Steve doesn't do it exactly the same way every time, but the feel is sort of bossa nova.This transcription is off his " 'Alive and Pickin' " album. Available in the Store.

What's a chord grid?

According to Steve Mann, A chord grid consists of little black dots that grow in large quantities on chord trees. They are useful when you are really hungry. They are also good in combination with other musical ingredients, but you have to know which ones to combine, or they aren't tasty.
Now you know. Any more questions?
Please tell me that thing coming in on the left of the fret board isn't a thumb… We have pages of actual photographs of Steve's hands playing all the chords in the A section and B section because he sometimes uses his thumb. Sorry 'bout that. You can write him an email and complain, but it won't change his playing. Finger photos are available on the Store page.

Are there words to "Holly"?

There are now lyrics. At the request of Steve Mann, three verses and a melody were added to Holly to make "Holly Girl". Click Here for the lead sheet or, Here, for words only; print or do a Save As… to your desktop. No charge. Just contact Bella Roma Music if you plan to record it, include it in book or sing it at a big concert.

BUT WAIT --THERE'S MORE! We now have a SONG DEMO sung by Elizabeth Lockwood with Steve's recorded version of "Holly" as the background. Enjoy Holly Girl

Is there a video of Steve playing 'Holly?

Yes! We have informal digital movies of Steve, who often plays his guitar in our kitchen at Bella Roma.On this day in Jan of 2008, he was experimenting a little in the A section. The chords are the same as the old Holly, with a few more hammer-ons. Note how BIG those hammer-ons are!. nb: the video starts with the B section.
The YouTube video to the right is courtesy of Rolly Brown.

There is more information about Steve Mann and his music, plus a video of Rolly Brown playing one of Steve's blues arrangements, on his YouTube site here.
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